The Wednesday Web Browser: Wells Tower, Dan Baum, and David Foster Wallace

The hype’s been everywhere (or so it seems), but it was this Fiction Writers Review piece on Wells Tower’s new story collection that really motivated me to attend a reading featuring Tower the other evening. Great event. Now, I must get the book.
Speaking of hype–I’m sure plenty of you followed last week’s big online story about another online story: Dan Baum’s Twitter-based revelations of his association with the New Yorker. Here’s something a bit different: an interview with Baum, courtesy of The Renegade Writer, focusing on “writing for the big names – and the future of journalism.”
And on a sad, yet inspiring note: check out the online home of a spring term Pomona College course, English 166: David Foster Wallace. The site includes a blog maintained by the course participants, as well as a link to the wiki that has emerged from it. An amazing resource for anyone interested in Wallace and his work – and, I think, for teachers of literature and writing.

One thought on “The Wednesday Web Browser: Wells Tower, Dan Baum, and David Foster Wallace

  1. deonne kahler says:

    I finished Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned yesterday, and I have to admit that I am now an official Wells Tower groupie. The writing is fantastic and the stories are endlessly enjoyable, despite the dark and often cynical tone. Highly recommended.

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