TBR: Five Titles On My Nightstand

Literally, these five books are stacked on my nightstand. I’d love to say that sometime in the near future I’ll have read them all, and will be able to blog about each one, but let’s face it: I have no clue when I’ll have read them, let alone reflected sufficiently to write about them.

So, as dubious a substitute as it may be, here’s a photo of the fab five. I don’t know what to think of the fact that this group represents an all-fiction feast. On the other hand, let’s celebrate the presence of independent/small press titles, as well as fiction in translation (you can’t see the translators’ names, but the de Winter book was translated by Jeanette K. Ringold, and Rasskazy [the title means “stories” in Russian] features the work of many translators, including Keith Gessen, Ellen Litman, and Douglas Robinson).

Care to share your own current tbr list?

8 thoughts on “TBR: Five Titles On My Nightstand

  1. b.mousli says:

    My night stand looks far more messy… And it has half read books all over : a biography of Carolyn Heilbrunn, Gilead by Marilynn Robinson, Middle Age by JC Oates, and a few French just published French novels… I just completed a manuscript and for some reason even if all of those books are really appealing to me I cannot get more than a couple of pages a day… Knowing that the Oates alone is more than 500…. Hum…

  2. IRIS says:

    So relieved to know that I am not the only one.Here's mine:
    1.The Inscrutable Americans by
    Anurag Mathur.
    2. The Mansions of Philosphy by
    Will Durant
    3. Walden by Thoreau
    4. Leaving India by Minal
    5.The sea of poppies by Amitav
    6. A Time to Love, Melvyyn Bragg

  3. Michael A. Burstein says:

    My end table mostly has books by writers on writing, or their memoirs…

  4. IRIS says:

    Hi Michael,
    Could you name them please?Thanks.
    This is most interesting as it shows us more of the processes of creation.
    p.s I also have R.K.Narayan's "A
    Storytellers world"

  5. Michael A. Burstein says:


    Let's see if I can recall…

    One is "The View From the Bridge" by Nicholas Meyer. Another is "Writing the TV Drama Series" by Pamela Douglas. I also have Hallie Ephron's book on writing the mystery novel.

  6. Lexington girl says:

    Mine would include Lorrie Moore's Self Help, Kara Candito's first poetry collection Taste of Cherry, several Billy Collins books, and the new Tin House and Poetry journals.

  7. Kelley says:

    I am not sure if the stack of books and magazines, reading and water glasses, is supported by a bedside table.

    In that mound I spy the following titles: Olive Kitteridge, New Orleans the Year before the Flood, River of Doubt, Theodore Roosevelt's Journey through the Amazon, J.C. Hallmark's Hospital for Bad Poets and other stories, and Mudbound by Hillary Swank.


  8. IRIS says:

    Thanks Michael.
    have been busy and did not notice this reply.
    I also have Writing as Craft and Magic by Carl Sessions Stepp(2007)
    Inspiring all through.

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