The Wednesday Web Browser: NYT Edition

As usual, the NYT After Deadline blog provides useful reminders on grammar, usage, and style.
How wonderful it was to open the paper a few days ago and see a big, fat article about Open Letter Books, “a small, year-old press here affiliated with the University of Rochester that publishes nothing but literature in translation.”
Like many of you, I suspect, I was caught up for several days this summer following the coverage of Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s passing. I’ve been meaning to read his memoir, True Compass (and I’ll do so in 2010). All of which made this piece by Jonathan Karp, the memoir’s editor/publisher, compelling reading.
Adam Begley’s travel article on Stendhal’s Parma was also quite relevant to me!
Finally: The NYT asked six prominent authors to name (and read from) books they could never discard.

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Web Browser: NYT Edition

  1. Erin says:

    I'm just starting a blog and everyday i'm going to sit and free write for 20 minutes from random prompts. I think it will be a fun experiment and interesting to see what people have to say about my writing. I just came across this blog and thought i should spread the word. Everyone should put their thoughts and stories down in writing 🙂

  2. Erika D. says:

    Good luck with your project, Erin.

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