Bylines in Hebrew and English

The other day, author Allegra Goodman mentioned that her novel for young adults, The Other Side of the Island, had just been published in Hebrew. This comment particularly caught me: “The funny part about Israeli publications is that even now, I’m still a little surprised to find my Hebrew name on the cover: Alyza, instead of a transliterated Allegra.”

In addition to wondering if her translators/Israeli publishers had asked for her Hebrew name (or just assumed it), I found myself glancing over at my desk plate:

Readers, THIS was the “favor”–personalized for each teenage-and-under attendee–that was distributed at my Bat Mitzvah reception. The anniversary of which (Parashat Emor) is rapidly approaching. (I won’t tell you exactly how many years I’ve had this item within my peripheral vision. Let’s just say that this year, I’ll be listening as the daughter of a dear friend–one I’ve known since my freshman year of college–recites Emor as part of her Bat Mitzvah service.)

If I should be so fortunate as to have my forthcoming short story collection translated into Hebrew, I wonder if I, too, will find my Hebrew name (Yocheved) on the cover, instead of the very familiar transliterated Erika.

Any other writers in the Diaspora care to share their Hebrew byline experiences?