Thursday’s Pre-Publication Post: Permissions, Continued

So, last week I told you about my initial foray into the world of permissions. I’m glad to tell you that there’s already an update to share.

Briefly: I have, indeed, heard back from the Big Publishing House I mentioned last Thursday. They e-mailed me with a request for further information. And here’s what they asked for:

–the page number in the book where the excerpt appears
–anticipated number of book copies to be published
–whether the book is a trade volume, a textbook, or a scholarly work
–estimated price of the book
–the book’s market (U.S., Canada, worldwide)
–whether the book will be published in hardcover or paperback (or both)
–scheduled date of publication
–daytime phone number
–desired term of license

After some consultation with my publisher, I sent off an e-mail with the replies. Now it’s back to waiting. I really hope the Big Publishing House comes back with something generous (or at least, reasonable). Think good thoughts for me, please!

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Pre-Publication Post: Permissions, Continued

  1. Theresa Milstein says:

    Good luck. I'm thinking good thoughts.

    What is everything like this? So complicated! I applied for a job online yesterday. They asked me to copy and paste my resume + send as an attachment, and then I spent the next twenty minutes giving them all of the same information on their questionnaire. Did they need it all in triplicate?

  2. Anne Fernald says:

    Erika!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO happy to catch up on your amazing news–and sorry I'm slow to the party.

    I have been through this, only with my scholarly book. I, too, found it amazingly stressful and hard to navigate. In the end, they charged me nothing, though they briefly tried to suggest that three lines of Pound was worth some $. I was indignant. That seemed to help. ; ) Anne F.

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