Thursday’s Pre-Publication Post: Permissions Update

So, back in April I told you about my quest to procure permission to use certain words penned in a book that was released by a Big Publishing House, because I want to use these words as an epigraph to my forthcoming story collection, Quiet Americans. Then, last week, I mentioned how incredibly helpful it was for me to simply pick up the phone after weeks of apparent non-response to check in on the process. (Apparently, not all of my e-mails had made it through.)

All of which led to my receipt of a hard-copy agreement a few days ago. The good news: The fee the Big Publishing House is requiring is manageable, if exponentially more than anything I’ve ever earned per word. There are seven words in this particular excerpt–two sentences and seven words.

But (you knew this was coming, right?) here’s the not-so-good news: I neglected to realize that my request would cover only the print format of the book. So on Monday, I had to bother my very kind and patient contact at the Big Publishing House to ask for an amendment to cover an electronic version, too. I believe that a revised agreement is on the way. In fact, I was hoping it might have arrived yesterday, in time for me to write this post.

Alas, I’m still waiting. Which means I’m waiting to see how much more they’re going to charge me. Double? Less than double? How much less? What’s your guess?

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Pre-Publication Post: Permissions Update

  1. Mike Hooker says:

    I've never done what you're doing, so it's new and interesting to me.

  2. Erika D. says:

    Thanks very much, Mike!

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