Thursday’s Pre-Publication Post: Behind the Screens

Thanks so much to all of you who took the time to comment last week when I presented the cover of my forthcoming story collection, Quiet Americans. I’m so glad that you agree with me: The cover designer has done an wonderful job.

Since last week, lots of behind-the-scenes (or, should I say, behind-the-screens) work has been taking place to build up my brand-new website. I’ve mentioned before that the impending book publication has motivated me to try to consolidate my various online locations/projects/identities. A couple of days ago, the talented web designer I’m working with unveiled a mockup of the homepage. All I’ll reveal for now is this: If you like the book cover, you’ll love the homepage!

The cover is also appearing on the Facebook page I’ve just created to help share information about the book (and hold contests/giveaways). I hope that you’ll “like” that page, too–in all respects! (But please forgive me in advance if I keep my personal Facebook goings-on more or less limited to family members and those of you I’ve met/worked with/studied with/etc. in “real life.” For now, at least.)

Thanks again for the enthusiasm about the cover. It really means a lot to me!