Thursday’s Pre-Publication Post: Giving Thanks

This week’s post will be relatively short and sweet. The crux of the message is simple: THANK YOU!

You have all been wonderfully receptive and supportive since I began tracking the pre-publication life of my story collection, Quiet Americans, earlier this year. You’ve read these posts. You’ve commented. You’ve opined.

I’m so grateful for all of that. I’m also grateful to those of you who have taken the time to send me messages privately. Some of you have written incredibly comprehensive messages packed with advice from your own experience and expertise. And since I’ve sometimes been on the giving end of the advice spectrum, I know how much time that can take. So here’s a special, public thank-you to you (and what really amazes and humbles me is that among you are both people I know in “real-life” and practicing writers I didn’t even know read this blog until I received their messages).

Whether you’ve offered me sage advice, the names of contacts for potential reviews or readings, or, in one case plucked from this week’s correspondence, an actual venue where I can sign copies of Quiet Americans next year, your generosity means more to me than you can imagine. So I’ll say it one last time (for now): THANK YOU.