Thursday’s Pre-Publication Post: News from My Publisher

Today’s post is not really about my book. Rather, I want to take a moment to share some news from my publisher, Last Light Studio, which has just announced the next title that will be published after my collection, Quiet Americans (which will be released in January 2011), and Jane Roper‘s novel, Eden Lake (coming in May). (Drumroll, please!)

Our books will be followed by a novel, The Edge of Maybe, by Ericka Lutz. The Edge of Maybe will be published in 2012, and it is being described as “a novel of possibility that encompasses both the sheer bigness and smallness — food, yoga, drinking, cooking, sex, self-cutting, parenting, motel-life, and finally going for broke — of middle class life at the edge of the 21st century.”

Congratulations to Ericka Lutz! She’s someone whose name I know from her Literary Mama bylines, and I’m happy to have her join our little Last Light Studio publishing family.

One thought on “Thursday’s Pre-Publication Post: News from My Publisher

  1. marie-francoise says:

    Congratulations! also, I clicked on the link to Ericka Lutz and discovered that I read her piece on her daughter dropping out of high school (by taking the exam to graduate early). I remember that it was a lovely, nuanced pieced that effectively evoked the joy and pain of letting go, allowing your children to grow up and trusting them make their own decisions. Looking forward to reading your book as well!


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