Thursday’s Pre-Publication Post: Vistaprint to the Rescue!

New book. New website. New primary email address. Also, as it happens, new cell phone coordinates (finally parted with my original Massachusetts number). What was missing?

New business cards! And, while I was at it, new postcards for my blogs and the book.

Vistaprint to the rescue.

I spent quite a chunk of time last weekend on the Vistaprint site, selecting and editing designs for a new business card and postcards to promote both of my blogs: Practicing Writing and My Machberet (pictured). I’m still tweaking the postcard for Quiet Americans, but since I had already crossed the threshhold for free shipping, I went ahead and ordered the rest of the materials on Sunday. This way, they’ll arrive today (so the FedEx tracking system promises), and I can start putting them to use as soon as Sunday, when I’ll be attending the Jewish Authors’ Conference here in NYC.

I heart Vistaprint (even though they inundate me with emails and offers).

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Pre-Publication Post: Vistaprint to the Rescue!

  1. Did you order a t-shirt? I ordered a few with my cover art. Wear it and become your own billboard.

    1. No, I didn’t order a t-shirt, but that is a great idea, Diane!

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