The Wednesday Web Browser

  • Weren’t able to attend the Lorrie Moore/Deborah Treisman event at the New Yorker Festival? Me neither. Thankfully, Elissa Bassist was there.
  • New York Magazine‘s current issue includes a super article on Lydia Davis and her new translation of Madame Bovary.
  • David Abrams reflects on tech developments and their impact on his reading and reviewing.
  • Speaking of reviewing, I meant to share this list of HarperCollins copy contacts earlier. (Thanks to @BethFishReads for the tip.)
  • Looking for some writing prompts? Take a look at this collection from author and professor Daniel Nester.
  • Writer’s Digest interviews my teacher and friend Sage Cohen about her upcoming book, The Productive Writer (which I have already pre-ordered), and the writing life.
  • Over on my other blog, you’ll find a recap of Sunday’s Jewish Authors Conference.
  • And in case you’re wondering, dear freelancer, why the editor said “no,” here are 10 possible reasons.
  • I know, I haven’t been linking much to two things you’re probably seeing a lot of everywhere else lately: Jonathan Franzen and MFA programs. What can I say? I get tired.