The Wednesday Web Browser

A few morsels to brighten up your middle-of-the-week:

  • Book clubs are one thing. Literary magazine clubs are another.
  • Not sure how I missed the fact that The Christian Science Monitor has a books blog (“Chapter and Verse“), but that lacuna in my knowledge (and our blogroll) has now been remedied.
  • Nice recap of a Literary Translation Roundtable that took place at the recent conference of the American Literary Translators’ Association.
  • Yet another gem from Fiction Writers Review: This time, FWR brings us an exceptional, four-participant reflection on the 2010 Sozopol Fiction Seminar. As always, the layout and images are also superlative.
  • Advice for ghostwriters: Ten Signs to Run Away from a Potential Client.
  • Two poetry-related items: Ron Hogan’s report on an event featuring W.S. Merwin and Mark Edmundson’s take on the contemporary relevance of William Blake’s “London.” (Confession: Blake was one of my favorites way back in that freshman-year British lit survey.)

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Web Browser

  1. Ron Hogan says:

    Funnily enough, Blake was a topic of conversation at the Merwin event as well; apparently he got to see some of the Blake items in the rare volumes collection while he was there.

    1. That is funny! When I get cranky/curmudgeonly, I worry that people aren’t reading Blake anymore. That survey course I took doesn’t even exist anymore, let alone as a pre-req for any English/humanities types. And I’m not THAT old.

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