The Wednesday Web Browser

  • The New York Times Magazine remembers poet Lucille Clifton.
  • Over on her Brave New Words blog, B.J. Epstein launches a recurring “market research” feature for literary translators.
  • And speaking of literary translation: That’s what Edith Grossman and Lydia Davis recently did (speak of literary translation, that is) on NPR.
  • Here’s a blog I’ve only recently discovered but already admire: Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing.
  • Writer Beware Blogs offers some tips on evaluating literary contests.
  • This week’s blizzard here in NYC made me especially grateful to have a warm, comfortable home. And at some point, I remembered (and looked up and reread) the classic Jack London short story, “To Build a Fire.”
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    1. Thanks for the link to the Clifton article. She was an early favorite of mine, a great antidote to all the Renaissance and 19th century British poetry I was absorbing. She showed me what else poetry can do. And I was fortunate enough in graduate school to take a workshop with her when she conducted a mini-residency on my campus. Wonderful person.

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