The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

Lots of excellent finds for you this week, my practicing writer friends!

  • I’m not one for making too many New Year’s resolutions myself, but I sure do enjoy reading other people’s lists of intentions. And I really liked reading poet Diane Lockward’s recent review of how she fared with the resolutions she made for 2010.
  • Good news for those of us who love good fiction: Andrew’s Book Club is back.
  • I thought Daniel Handler’s essay on reading poetry, in the January 2011 issue of Poetry magazine, was terrific when I read it in print, and I’m so glad that it’s now online.
  • I know: You don’t expect to hear about my book, Quiet Americans, before Thursday, but I can’t help pointing you to these reflections, which were inspired by mention of another author’s new book on the Tablet magazine site a few days ago.
  • Looking for some writerly inspiration in the new year? Check out Lisa Romeo’s Winter Writing Prompts Project. And Midge Raymond’s weekly writing exercises.
  • Speaking of inspiration, I am loving Sage Cohen’s new Path of Possibility site. It’s tough to single out favorite posts, but here’s one, about conquering fear, and here’s another, in which Sage shares some of her own beautiful poetry.
  • Also empowering: Carol Tice’s freelance writer’s manifesto.
  • And let’s take one last glance back at 2010, through the eyes (and words) of writers from around the world (with a little help from translators, as needed).
  • 4 thoughts on “The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

    1. Lisa Romeo says:

      Thanks for the mention, Erika, and for all the other great links, as always!

      1. Yes, I saw that you liked the manifesto, especially! Thanks for the comment here, too.

    2. Sage Cohen says:

      Thanks so much for spreading the word about The Path of Possibility, my dear. I really appreciate it!

      1. It is a wonderful site. Word must be spread!

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