American Jewish Fiction: Strange & Surprising Stories

Via the Jewish Book Council, I’ve learned of an exciting event coming up in New York City on Sunday afternoon, February 13. “American Jewish Fiction: Strange and Surprising Stories,” with guest speaker Josh Lambert, will be presented by the Jewish Historical Society of New York. (There will be a $5 admission charge.)

American novels have featured Jewish characters for over a century, and these books tell strange and surprising stories about the experiences of American Jews. What sort of books should be considered Jewish American novels? What are the common narratives and tropes of such works of fiction, and why are they repeated so frequently in the literature of the United States? Who writes these books, and for what audiences? Focusing on some of the earliest and most unusual novels in the American Jewish tradition, and highlighting a few lost gems along the way, this lecture will survey the history of American Jewish fiction and discuss its achievements and possibilities.

For more event details, and Josh Lambert’s very impressive bio, please click here.