The Wednesday Web Browser: AWP Version

  • I’m hoping that my travel plans—and those of everyone else with an itinerary leading to the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) conference in Washington—will continue as planned. As I draft this post, the weather is the big unknown. If you’ll be attending, here’s a quick guide to my panels and appearances. It would be great to meet blog readers in person!
  • The AWP conference can evoke all kinds of conflicting feelings. I’ll admit that I’m feeling a mix already. But I wouldn’t be able to articulate them as well as Cathy Day has in her blog post: “Anxiety + Community = AWP.”
  • Can’t make it to the big event? The Education of Oronte Churm will bring you “Radio Free AWP.” Podcasts and freebies galore.
  • And if that’s not enough, check out Meg Pokrass’s Barbaric yAWP, described here by our friends at Fiction Writers Review. Meg’s running a big virtual conference, and among the plums are changes to win signed copies of The Adults, a novel by Alison Espach, and Quiet Americans, short stories by yours truly.
  • But wait! There’s more! I’m honored that Fiction Writers Review (which will host a book-signing for me at the conference) is also currently featuring Quiet Americans as its Book of the Week. Several signed copies will be awarded to fans of the FWR Facebook page. Find all the details here.
  • I’ll miss this blog while I’m away, but I’ll try to check in via Twitter from time to time. See you back here next week