The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers: Post-AWP Edition

Last Wednesday, just as I departed for the annual conference of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) in Washington, I left you with a slew of conference-related links. I returned on Sunday night (the conference itself ended on Saturday, but I stayed in D.C. for a Sunday afternoon reading). But I still haven’t managed to write up recaps/summaries of the panels and other events that made the conference especially wonderful this year.

Luckily, though, other writers have proven far swifter. Herewith, some ways for you to glean (at least some of) the rich texture that is an AWP conference:

  • Poet Kelli Russell Agodon writes up her conference experience and concludes: “I confess, while I like to say AWP is overwhelming to me (and it is), it is worth a few moments of being uncomfortable for the bigger moments it produces.”
  • Talk about great timing! Debut novelist Ellen Meeropol (House Arrest) launched her book at AWP. Congratulations, Elli!
  • Writer and professor John Vanderslice managed to attend AWP and post a series of blog updates in the process. Thanks, John!
  • If you missed the conference, you can get a glimpse of what our friend Wordamour calls the “best conference bag ever”–and benefit from her other conference reflections.
  • For Tayari Jones, this may not have been the best AWP conference ever, but “it was okay.” Read more about it at Tayari’s blog.
  • As I’ve said, I’m still catching up. But I have managed to post the handout from the panel I presented (along with Andrew Furman, Kevin Haworth, Margot Singer, and Anna Solomon) on “Beyond Bagels & Lox: Jewish-American Fiction in the 21st Century.”
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    1. Thanks for the shout out, Erika. The book party was truly lovely; a pleasure to attend.

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        So glad that you were there! Am awaiting more from you re: the pedagogy forum….

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