The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • If you review translated books, you’ll be interested in these thoughts from prominent literary translators. (via the German Book Office)
  • Speaking of reviewing, get to know critic Ron Charles, aka “the Totally Hip Video Book Reviewer.”
  • Check out this sneak preview of Silver Sparrow, the next novel by Tayari Jones.
  • While we’re talking fiction: Jacob Appel suggests “10 Ways to Start Your Story Better.”
  • Yet another set of excellent tips for freelancers from Kelly James-Enger.
  • Another week, another worthwhile writing prompt from Midge Raymond.
  • Photos (by Anthony Buccino) of the women poets who took part in last Saturday’s “Girl Talk” poetry reading in West Caldwell, N.J. (yours truly included). Many thanks again to Diane Lockward for organizing the event.
  • Want to see something else that’s pretty cool? My fellow Last Light Studio author, Jane Roper, has just launched the website for her novel, Eden Lake. (Kind of makes you realize what a summer hit it’s going to be, doesn’t it?)