Thursday’s Post-Publication Post: Summing Up The Past Several Days

It has been an eventful several days indeed. Some of what’s been happening was pre-scheduled and already happily anticipated. For instance, last Sunday evening I had a wonderful time when reading in the Sunday Salon series here in NYC. I was the first of four readers, so I was able to relax and enjoy everyone else’s very considerable talents (including musical talents). I read one story from my collection, Quiet Americans: “The Quiet American, Or How to Be a Good Guest.” I find that it’s a terrific story to present “live,” in part because it takes me just under 15 minutes to read in its entirety.

Then, on Tuesday, I spent my lunch hour immersed in energetic conversation on Twitter as a guest of the Jewish Book Council’s Twitter Book Club. So many of you helped spread the word about this event online, and I’m so grateful! (If you weren’t able to join us online, you can check out the transcript and see the discussion there.)

One happy surprise this week: Quiet Americans was named a Frugal Kindle Reader Book Pick of the Day! Many thanks to Jan Zlendich for the nod on April 10! (If you’re looking for still more Kindle titles to read, take a look at Jan’s blog.)

What will the next week bring?

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Post-Publication Post: Summing Up The Past Several Days

  1. Congrats on your happy surprise. KSC

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Thanks so much, Kelley!

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