The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

Between an extended weekend in Massachusetts, an especially busy week at the day job, and a conference presentation coming up (gulp!) tomorrow, this hasn’t been the best week for me so far as my keeping an eye on the Web goes. But I’ve done my best, and I’m happy to share these finds with you.

  • My trip to Massachusetts was prompted by the always-excellent Muse & the Marketplace conference that is organized by the fine folks at Grub Street, Inc. Click here to read an interview with Grub’s founder, Eve Bridburg, and then move on to Nina Badzin’s conference recap. (You can also scroll through all of the #Muse2011 posts on Twitter to get a sense of some of what went on and the inspiration and camaraderie that the conference engendered.)
  • I loved Ellen Meeropol’s recent blog post on moral ambiguity in fiction (and I’d have loved it even without its generous mention of my story, “For Services Rendered.”
  • Tayari Jones (who will be our Q&A guest in the June issue of The Practicing Writer) shares “Five Things I Wish I Had Known When I Published My First Book.”
  • Time to remind you that May is Short Story Month! I’m proud to be part of the team at Fiction Writers Review that is celebrating with a slew of projects and special posts. Author and editor Matt Bell has a nice collection of other participating sites/blogs/etc. over on his homepage. Please remember that there’s still plenty of time for you to enter the short-story collection giveaway right here on Practicing Writing (copies of Midge Raymond’s Forgetting English and my own Quiet Americans are up for the winning).
  • 6 thoughts on “The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

    1. Nina says:

      Thanks Erika!

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        Thank YOU, Nina! A summary post like that just wasn’t in the cards for me. I’m so glad I was able to point people to yours.

    2. Thanks! Always look forward to your links.

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        Thanks for telling me that, Karen! Always good to know that the links are of use/interest.

    3. Mike Hooker says:

      That was a great article about Tayari by Rochelle Spencer in the current issue of Poets & Writers.

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        Yes, wasn’t it? Wish they’d made it available online. When I last checked, they hadn’t.

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