The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • Are you keeping up with Short Story Month? Be sure to check the #ssm2011 hashtag on Twitter!
  • Another segment of Short Story Month: the Collection Giveaway Project on the Fiction Writers Review (FWR) blog. Check out the ever-growing list of participating bloggers (and the titles that are available for YOU to win!).
  • Also on FWR: tremendous story-focused content. Among my faves: Laura Furman on choosing the PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories; Anne Stameshkin on Lesley Dormen’s “The Old Economy Husband”; and yours truly on Five Ways to Celebrate Short Stories.
  • Speaking of short stories, I’m proud to announce that my story, “The Kiss,” is now live on Literary Mama.
  • More wonderful writing exercises from Midge Raymond.
  • Dinty W. Moore recommends six memoirs.
  • And while we’re on the subject of nonfiction: Linda K. Wertheimer shares lessons learned at the recent Grub Street Muse & the Marketplace conference in Boston.
  • More from Massachusetts: This weekend will bring the Massachusetts Poetry Festival. Although I can’t attend, one of my poems will be there, stitched within The Poetry Dress. (Thanks to Chloe Yelena Miller for bringing this project to my attention.)
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    1. Mike Hooker says:

      Erika, Thanks for Dinty Moore’s recommendations.

      1. Glad you liked them!

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