Monday Morning Markets/Jobs/Opportunities

  • Quick turnaround on this one: “Visual artists, curators, writers and filmmakers can apply for residencies on Fogo Island in 2012 – 2013. Residencies are from 3 to 6 months. Visiting professionals are provided with a studio (work space) and a house to live in. Individuals selected to the program can apply for stipend to cover materials and living costs on the island and for travel (to and from Fogo Island only).” Deadline: July 31, 2011. (I don’t see any application fee, but if I’ve missed it, please let me know.)
  • By this time next week, the August issue of The Practicing Writer will have gone out to all of our subscribers. As usual, it will be filled with no-fee competition listings and news about paying calls for submission. Don’t be left behind! Subscribe now! (It’s free, and email addresses aren’t shared.)
  • The Puritan is an online, quarterly publication based in Toronto, Ontario committed to publishing the best in new fiction, non-fiction, poetry, interviews, and reviews.” Pays: $50 for a work of fiction or non-fiction, an interview, or a review; $20 for a poem (presumably in Canadian funds). (via
  • From “Have a Freelance Success Story to share? We pay $40 on acceptance, non-exclusive electronic rights only. Success stories run around 300 words but we’re very flexible. Our guidelines are here:”
  • The University of Montana seeks an Editor (half-time), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Sloan School of Management is looking for a Senior Writer and Project Manager, and the University of Oregon is advertising for a Scholastic Journalism Outreach Coordinator.
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    1. Dear Erika,

      I used to live in New York, from the mid-eighties to the early 90s and then again from the mid-90s to about 1998. Your name is so familiar to me! I bet I’ve read your book but then, I still average a book (or more) a day — it’s a serious habit — so you’d have to remind me (I know, not very flattering, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t love it). My first novel, Velocity, was published by Random House in ’88, and then Viking Penguin published Some Girls in 1994 but I didn’t manage to get Hollywood Savage finished till recently, and when Simon & Schuster published it last year I was stunned at how much everything had changed (basically, the absolute and total lack of promotion) — I tinker w/the idea of self-publishing, but I figure if I can’t stand doing the promotional work now, it will only be worse if ALL of it is up to me!
      Anyway, I love this site — I am now leading a writing workshop (the East Bay Writers’ Studio) here in Oakland, CA, and taking on freelance editing jobs (including copy editing) — if you know of anyone working on a ms who might be interested, I’d be truly grateful.
      Hope your own writing is going well!

    2. p.s. stew-pid me, now I see the synopsis of your book and realize no, I have not read it. I cannot imagine forgetting that.

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