The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • Kelly James-Enger warns against “Explosives, Waifs, and Users: Six Writers to Avoid.”
  • Honestly, I’m going to be dragged kicking and screaming to Google+. But I guess I’ll get there eventually. Crystal King’s post for Grub Street Daily is just one of many reminders of that likelihood.
  • In a Fiction Writers Review “Poetry for Prosers” feature, Katie Umans “sort-of” reviews David Orr’s Beautiful and Pointless.
  • I decided a few months ago that I won’t be attending the 2012 Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) conference in Chicago (I hope to return in 2013, when the conference moves to my beloved Boston). But if you’re still deliberating, perhaps the list of accepted events will help you decide.
  • I love Lisa Romeo’s post, “Not exactly qualified for that writing award? Apply anyway” (and not only because it is, in part a success story resulting from a discovery right here on Practicing Writing!).