Thursday’s Post-Publication Post: Partying with the Poets

As many of you know, although I “trained” as a prose writer, poetry has become an increasingly important part of my writing practice over the past several years. And even more recently–for the past several weeks–I’ve been joining in the weekly “Poet Party” on Twitter.

Every Sunday evening, at 9 p.m. (U.S. Eastern), poets gather on Twitter to chat. Founded by @32Poems, the Poet Party addresses all kinds of poetry-related topics. Chats unfold with the assistance of a hashtag, #PoetParty, which participants append to each relevant tweet. Last week, we “talked” mainly about contests, but other topics came up, too.

Including this one, which sprang from the keyboard of yours truly. You see, Sundays are also #StorySunday on Twitter. Everyone is encouraged to share a link to someone else’s short story online and append the hashtag #storysunday to help the thread take shape.

And at some point during last Sunday evening’s chat, it occurred to me that the #PoetParty provides the perfect opportunity to do something similar for poetry. Especially, perhaps, as we say good-bye at the end of the hour. I said as much, and pretty soon the poet-partyers had posted a whole slew of links to excellent work that wasn’t their own.

So whether next week’s announced topic appeals to you or not–as I write this post, I don’t know if it has been announced yet–maybe you’ll want to drop in near the end and check out the recommended poems. See you there?

One thought on “Thursday’s Post-Publication Post: Partying with the Poets

  1. M.E. Anders says:

    I think this is a tremendous idea to party with other poets. Though I can hardly string a few lines of pentameter together, I might chime in during one of these chats. Thanks for sharing, Erika! 🙂

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