The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • Roxane Gay writes about “Modern Submission Convenience,” and what is gained–and lost–now that we have it.
  • Haruki Murakami is in the news quite a bit these days for his new book, IQ84. Read an excerpt that was published a few weeks ago in The New Yorker (translation by Jay Rubin).
  • The New York Times asks: “Will Amazon’s plan shake up the book publishing industry as more writers have the option of a one-stop shop: agent, publisher and bookseller? Are publishers still needed?” A virtual roundtable of respondents replies.
  • I’ll ‘fess up: I’ve fallen prey to the “advisor/adviser” dilemma.
  • Ever wonder about all of those “#WW” and “#FF” hashtags on Twitter? Debbie Ridpath Ohi explains and advises.
  • Also regarding the world of social media: The new issue of Poets & Writers includes an article by Thomas Israel Hopkins on “how to use LinkedIn to connect with your community.
  • And still more about social media, this time via Galleycat’s post on “5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page.”