Paired Writing Contests on “The Catskills and the Holocaust”

I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen anything quite like this before: paired writing contests–one in fiction and one in nonfiction–as part of a book project, Summer Haven: How the Catskills Experienced the Holocaust, edited by Holli Levitsky, Professor of English and Director of Jewish Studies at Loyola Marymount University, and Phil Brown, Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies at Brown University, “which will provide a locus for literature exploring the experience of the Holocaust in the Catskills.”

Clicking the link above, you’ll find much more explanation about these contests. I’ll just give you some basics: no entry fees indicated and deadlines of July 1, 2012. For each contest, the winner will receive $500 and up to $500 for travel costs to present the work at the November 2012 Jewish American and Holocaust Literature Symposium in Miami. Winning works will also be published in the Levitsky/Brown book.

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