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Thursday’s Work-in-Progress

Confession time: I am feeling rather s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d these days. In addition to my day job responsibilities and other ongoing commitments, I have a number of deadlines of various sorts clustered around April 15 and May 1. And since I never leave anything to the very last minute, I’m already feeling “behind.”

To save my sanity, I’ve already removed a couple of items (fellowship/residency applications) from my to-do list. (They were “optional,” in that no one was waiting for me to get them done.)

And fortunately, I’ve also managed to meet some of my upcoming deadlines/obligations. So I have crossed off those items from the list, too.

And, in breaking news: I’ve been saying “no” to other requests a lot more often lately. That’s starting to get a little bit easier.

But here’s (some of) what remains to accomplish in the next few weeks:

  • April 15: presentation for a local congregation (focusing on Quiet Americans)
  • April 23: classroom visit (focusing on Quiet Americans)
  • weekend of April 28: May issue of The Practicing Writer due out
  • May 1: article due for The Writer
  • May 1: next column due for Fiction Writers Review
  • May 1: AWP panel proposal due
  • I know that it will all get done. Somehow. Bit by bit.


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    1. You can do it, Erika! I admire all that you do, and at the same time I know that it can be a lot to balance with your day job. I’m rooting for you!

    2. Oh, Erika! At least you work ahead! Sounds like a good list. But yes, saying No is very important! I have to work on that myself.

    3. I know the feeling. Throw a baby onto the list and you’ve got my schedule.

    4. I’ve made a list of writing goals, too–wish mine looked more like yours in regard to writing for publication… The other list I made includes life goals, and most anything that doesn’t move me toward accomplishing those gets the NO stamp. Spring just seems like the time to “right-size” our lives…

      Many thanks for keeping this amazing blog on your TO DO list!

    5. I’m so touched by these responses! Thank you all.

    6. Have you tried WorkFlowy to organize your tasks? I’ve only just begun putting it together, but already it seems to help with prioritization, etc. Just a thought! Good luck. https://workflowy.com/

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