The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

Midweek means that it’s time for us to take a look at some intriguing literary morsels discovered online over the past few days.

  • Philip Graham shares what happened when, this spring, he “decided to make going on an adventure (and writing up a two page report) a requirement for my two classes, a beginning and an advanced fiction workshop.”
  • Michael Nye explains “How I Became the Managing Editor at TMR.” (TMR=The Missouri Review)
  • Chad W. Post has some suggestions for revamping the PEN World Voices literary festival.
  • A study says that the influence of the literary canon on today’s writers is declining. Not exactly news to me since the eye-opening experience of my MFA program. But still saddening.
  • Read Maile Meloy’s short story in this week’s issue of The New Yorker; then read this Q&A with the author for background and some ideas on writing stories/writing novels.
  • And for a few laughs: Lev Raphael, with “S**t People Say to Writers.”