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Friday Finds for Writers

  • For my fellow writers-who-have-day-jobs: tips on overcoming those challenges to writing after work, taken from Aine Greaney’s book Writer with a Day Job (which I have just–belatedly!–bought). (h/t: Life On the High Wire)
  • Janice Harayda’s suggestions on how to write good book reviews.
  • “Fun and inexpensive ideas for writing retreats”.
  • Nice account of the Richard Ford/Joyce Carol Oates event I was lucky enough to attend last week.
  • Much to ponder in Michael Nye’s “Open Letter to a Fellow Writer About Twitter.”
  • Have a great weekend! See you back here on Monday.

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    1. Great links! Thanks for sharing!

    2. I look forward to Friday Finds and MyMachberet. I agree: much to ponder in Michael Nye’s letter. Twitter can be useful (it’s where I discovered your websites!) and useless. Like an tool, really.

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