Friday Finds for Writers

Oh, what a busy week it has been. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that many of you have already seen several of the most-talked about (and tweeted) items: l’affaire Jonah Lehrer, Colson Whitehead’s rules for writing, and so on. So please indulge me while I direct your attention elsewhere:

  • Earlier this summer, I was lucky enough to attend “The Uses of History in American Jewish Fiction,” featuring novelists Anna Solomon and Dara Horn and moderated by Josh Lambert. And now, all of you are lucky enough to be able to watch the event on video. (cross-posted on My Machberet)
  • Similarly, you can now see why I so enjoyed these readings by and conversation between Joyce Carol Oates and Richard Ford.
  • New to the blogroll this week: the edifying How a Poem Happens blog. (Thanks to Evelyn Somers for leading me to it.)
  • Adam Stumacher says: “Don’t Wait for Permission: Notes on a D.I.Y. Writing Fellowship.” As you’ll see, he and his writer wife had a pretty cool year. (I’m not quite convinced that this can work for everyone, but the example might help some others make a similar leap.)
  • Finally, a bit of advice for freelancers from the Dollars & Deadlines blog on “six types of markets and how to approach them.”
  • Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. See you back here on Monday!