Listen to Etgar Keret Read from “Suddenly, A Knock on the Door”

On November 15, I had the great pleasure and privilege of attending an event featuring Israeli author Etgar Keret. Held at Baruch College of The City University of New York, the session was titled “The Real and the Imagined: Talk and Reading with Etgar Keret,” and it featured readings from Keret’s latest collection, Suddenly, A Knock on the Door. Directly after the reading, Keret headed to the airport for a flight home to Israel, interrupting his tour to return to be with his family during Operation Pillar of Defense.

A friend had hoped to join me at Baruch, but that didn’t work out. So I took my trusty iPhone–equipped with its iTalk application–along instead. And I recorded the session to share via e-mail with my friend after the fact. (My learning how to e-mail a large audio file could be a story in itself, but I’ll spare you those details.)

The event’s organizer contacted Keret’s agent and asked if it would be OK for me to post the audio publicly. To my delight, the answer is YES!

So, I happily present to you: Etgar Keret. (If you have the new collection and want to follow along as Keret reads from it, you can go ahead bookmark “What Animal Are You?” and “Healthy Start”–both of these stories were translated by Miriam Shlesinger, by the way–before you click here to begin listening.)

NB: I couldn’t upload the file directly to my website–it’s too large. So I’ve attempted to use the file-sharing program that helped me send the file to my friend. I hope it works! (The file will expire on December 25, so please listen soon!)

2 thoughts on “Listen to Etgar Keret Read from “Suddenly, A Knock on the Door”

  1. Jessica Lang says:


    The file sharing program worked! The audio comes through clear and strong. Such a cool addition to your already amazing blog. Looking forward to listening and reading more in the near future! Best, Jessica

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      I’m so glad to hear this, Jessica! (Everyone: You’ll hear Jessica on the recording, too: She’s the event organizer who introduced Keret! We wouldn’t have this at all without her.)

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