Friday Finds for Writers

Treasure ChestWriting-related resources, news, and reflections to read over the weekend.

  • I agree that “said is NOT dead,” but I’m likely to cut other writers (and myself) a little more slack for dialogue tags. In other words, I won’t declare that “said” must be the tag of choice 99 percent of the time. 92 percent, maybe. I’m also a fan of tagless dialogue (as when it’s obvious who’s speaking).
  • Diane Lockward wonders if this writing scam might work on someone. (Let’s hope not!)
  • The Ploughshares blog rounds up some excellent advice on getting published.
  • Helpful hints for planning a virtual book tour.
  • A very good Twitter tutorial (aimed toward journalists, but I think that most of us can benefit).
  • Have a great weekend, all. See you back here on Monday.