Words of the Week: Andrew Silow-Carroll (on Alice Walker)

I don’t begrudge Walker her politics. But I would take her seriously only if she demonstrated that she understood the history of the conflict, the legitimate security fears that have undermined Israeli peace efforts, the political pressures that have stymied Israeli peacemakers, the vicious terrorism and hateful rhetoric that has characterized the Palestinian “resistance” for decades and repelled even Israeli moderates; the seemingly unbridgeable divisions within the Palestinian movement itself; and the cruelties on both sides that must be confronted, acknowledged, and repented for before you can even start talking about a solution.

–Andrew Silow-Carroll, Editor-in-Chief, New Jersey Jewish News.

Read the full post here. Please.

You know, like a lot of readers and writers, I used to admire Alice Walker, the author. But Alice Walker, the activist, appalls me. Thank you, Andrew Silow-Carroll, for articulating my own frustrations so eloquently.