Sunday Sentence

Another Sunday in which I participate in David Abrams’s “Sunday Sentence” project, which asks others to share the best sentence(s) we’ve read during the past week, “out of context and without commentary.”

“As if the humanities were not in sufficiently dire straits, as if our graduates did not already need to struggle to manage their debt and find jobs in a bleak economy, as if public institutions of higher learning had not already seen their budgets slashed over the past few years, you have added fuel to the flames by turning the world’s attention to the ASA’s proclivity to political activism over scholarship and the intellectual exchange of ideas.”

Source: Sharon Ann Musher’s “Why I Left the American Studies Association,” a letter to the ASA leadership republished in The Times of Israel.

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Sentence

  1. Marlena Maduro Baraf says:

    Good morning Erika.
    The long sentence, loaded with items that many readers would agree with, keeps you in thrall of the writer’s point.

  2. Ah, a periodic sentence! Rhetoricians rejoice!

  3. Erika Dreifus says:

    I agree wholeheartedly!

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