Words of the Week: Liel Leibovitz

To argue that only an openness to all points of view is acceptable, to claim that unless we invite our fiercest critics into our house and let them thunder we’re somehow abdicating our responsibilities as mindful and moral human beings is to adhere to the most flightless form of relativism, the kind that believes in nothing save for the fact that all values are equal, which, of course, makes all values meaningless.

Source: Liel Liebovitz, “Why Talk About Israel With People Who Want It To Disappear?” (Tablet)

One thought on “Words of the Week: Liel Leibovitz

  1. Ann Bar-Dov says:

    Good for you, Liel Liebovitz. There really IS space for dialogue between the two poles of preaching to the converted and talking to the wall. About time we put our collective energies into that space!

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