Words of the Week, II

Another collection of noteworthy words:

Shimon Ohayon, “No Jews = No Outrage” (The Times of Israel):
“The feigned outrage on the streets of Europe is a peculiar cocktail of hypocrisy, ignorance and above all, hate.”

Noa Tishby, “Artists Without Borders. Or Facts.” (Jewish Journal):
“So if you prefer acting or partying to fact-checking that’s fine, but please just stick to that. With power (and millions of Twitter followers) comes at least some responsibility.”

Jeffrey Goldberg, “What Would Hamas Do If It Could Do Whatever It Wanted?” (The Atlantic):
“People wonder why Israelis have such a visceral reaction to Hamas. The answer is easy. Israel is a small country, and most of its citizens know someone who was murdered by Hamas in its extended suicide-bombing campaigns; and most people also understand that if Hamas had its way, it would kill them as well.”

Jonathan Marks, “The American Studies Association Returns to the Middle East Fray” (Commentary):
“Last year, it was at least possible to imagine that the American Studies Association distinguished between the West Bank and Gaza, understanding Israel’s need to defend itself against Hamas, an organization devoted to its violent destruction and to violence against Jews altogether. Today, like others in the BDS movement, the American Studies Association has openly sided with Hamas’s military wing, or, as BDS darling Ali Abunimah likes to call its members, ‘resistance fighters.'”

Seth Gitell, Facebook status update:
“On the observance of Tisha B’Av — or the anniversary of the destruction of the First Temple — which is today, it is customary to read from the Book of Lamentations:

‘All her friends have betrayed her;
they have become her enemies.
After affliction and harsh labor,
Judah has gone into exile.
She dwells among the nations;
she finds no resting place.'”