Words of the Week: David Benger (and Matti Friedman)

Tweet available at https://twitter.com/David_Benger/status/1341783824527745025.

Words of the Week

“For many Jewish students, Zionism is an integral part of their identity and their ethnic and ancestral heritage. These students have the right to openly express identification with Israel. The university will safeguard the abilities of these students, as well as all students, to participate in university-sponsored activities free from discrimination and harassment. 


Words of the Week

“Editors are on high alert to remove racist rhetoric or sexist statements, or anything veering close to it. And it’s a good thing. No one should have to open a newspaper and read a columnist writing something like what President Trump shamefully stated, that Mexicans are ‘all rapists,’ or an ‘editorial’ stating that women are ‘all whores.’

Unfortunately, in incident after incident, editors of mainstream American publications simply do not recognize anti-Semitism when they see it.

Nor do they seem to notice conspiracy theories, or think it’s important to stop their spread — something deeply dangerous for every inch of our democracy.”

Source: Aviya Kushner, “Can Editors Recognize Anti-Semitism? An Article About Soros Suggests No” (The Forward)