Words of the Week, II

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, “The Hate that Starts with Jews Never Ends There”:
“The new antisemitism is different from the old. In the past Jews were hated for their religion, then for their race. Today they are hated for their nation state. But it was not long before I saw how seamlessly the old and new hatreds meshed.”

Ambassador Ron Prosor (via his Facebook page):
“This morning during a press stakeout I held at the UN, I talked about the word ‘disproportionate’. I can tell you that the only ‘disproportionate’ thing is the accusations being made against Israel by the UN and others.”

Liel Leibovitz, “Ctrl-F-Genocide” (Tablet):
“What followed was one of the finest pieces of contemporary theater I’ve read in years, equally remarkable for Harris’s level-headed and intelligent replies as it is for Sullivan’s rants, defying logic and morality in a wild effort to portray the Jewish State as a genocidal demon.”

Dr. David Stone on behalf of 58 others (and supported by a further 456), “An Open Letter for the People of Gaza and Israel,” (Fathom):
“Like your correspondents Manduca et al (‘An open letter for the people in Gaza, 22 July 2014’), we too are appalled by the tragic situation in Gaza. Unlike them, however, our letter has been written on behalf of the people of both Gaza and Israel.”


“We call on doctors and scientists of goodwill around the world to reject Manduca et al’s gross partisanship and substitute for it a far more accurate, balanced, just and humane approach to the heart-rending tragedy that has engulfed both Palestinians and Israelis for far too long. That approach must comprise two urgent components: first a genuine and lasting ceasefire that can be properly implemented and sustained, and second, a return to negotiations with parties committed to achieving the only sensible and fair outcome to this hundred year war – two states for two peoples living side-by-side in peace and harmony.”