Words of the Week, IV

Rabbi Avi Weiss, “Comforting the Wounding, Worrying About Family” (The Jewish Week):
“The soldiers of Israel are the soldiers I met at Beilinson [Hospital, Petach Tikvah] today. They are our children and grandchildren, decent and kind. Though today they wear their uniforms with pride, I know they would much prefer to shed them, would prefer a life–and a world–where Israel had no need for an army.”

Ambassador Ron Prosor, Speech to the U.N. General Assembly:
“There is only one way to achieve sustained quiet in Israel and build a peaceful and prosperous Gaza. Hamas must be disarmed. Gaza must be demilitarized. And the international community must divorce itself from the romantic notion of Hamas as ‘freedom fighters.'”

Anthony Reuben, “Caution Needed with Gaza Casualty Figures” (BBC News):
“In conclusion, we do not yet know for sure how many of the dead in Gaza are civilians and how many were fighters.”

Shmuel Rosner, “Israel’s Fair Weather Fans” (The New York Times):
“If all Jews are a family, it would be natural for Israelis to expect the unconditional love of their non-Israeli Jewish kin. If Jews aren’t a family, and their support can be withdrawn, then Israelis have no reason to pay special attention to the complaints of non-Israeli Jews.”

Gary Rosenblatt, “‘I Support Israel, But…'” (The Jewish Week):
“It’s a shame that we’ve come to the point where we need a communal organization to foster respectful dialogue among Jews discussing Israel, which has become such a hot-button issue. But that’s the reality….”

And then there’s this short video:

4 thoughts on “Words of the Week, IV

  1. All good quotes. Ambassador Proser’s and Anthony Reuben’s are the most telling. The “news” media relies on the numbers that Hamas is giving out, without checking or asking questions.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Indeed, David. It’s very troubling.

  2. ann bar-dov says:

    The article by Shmuel Rosner really sent chills down my spine, it seemed so completely correct to me.

    Once again – thank you, Erika, for continuing to post these articles!

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      And thank you for reading them, Ann.

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