Friday Finds for Writers

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Writing-related resources, news, and reflections to enjoy over the weekend.

  • A lot of talk about MFA-land this week. The two best things I’ve read on the subject (or close enough to the subject) are this anonymously-authored piece for Electric Literature and a not-so-new item from Charles Johnson on the Writer’s Digest site. (h/t @matthunte)
  • “What makes a successful reading: what one author learned while preparing for his debut” – great advice from bookstore-employee AND debut author Josh Cook for suffering authors.
  • On Reader Reviews: The Fault Is in Their Stars, Not Yours” – A.M. Khalifa’s post for the Foreword Reviews blog may provide some comfort!
  • For the Page-Turner blog, Sam Sacks examines “the rise of the nameless narrator.” As I told Mr. Sacks on Twitter, I’m waiting for a discussion of “the rise of the narrator who shares a name and eerily close identity with his–and it’s almost always “his”–fictive creation. (Ben Lerner, Eduardo Halfon, Michel Laub, and others–I’m looking at you.)
  • Finally, some of the best 1.25 hours I spent this week were those I spent listening to Gil Roth’s latest “Virtual Memories Show” podcast with translator Anthea Bell (to whom I owe many, many hours of memorable reading from the German). Generally speaking, I’m not a big podcast fan, but I really do try to listen to Gil’s programs as much as I can.
  • Have a great weekend, all! (We will be celebrating my great-uncle’s 104th birthday, albeit a few days late; here he is with a friend–yes, that’s Dr. Ruth! and yes, they’re at my uncle’s DESK, at the OFFICE he still goes to every day–earlier this week on the birthday proper.)

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    1. One hundred four and still active is wonderful. Enjoy your special weekend together.

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        Thanks, Dave!

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