Friday Finds for Writers

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Writing-related resources, news, and reflections to enjoy over the weekend.

  • I’m still catching up on all the reading—including last Sunday’s newspaper—that piled up while I was at AWP. One article that I have managed to read: “The Radical Vision of Toni Morrison,” in The New York Times Magazine.
  • In which Gina Fattore goes back to the eighteenth century to discuss “How Will I Live? Fame, Money, Day Jobs, and Fiction Writing.”
  • A frank post by Christi Craig on how her recent writing retreat unfolded. (Check out the special treat at the end of the post.)
  • Great news! The Quivering Pen is back!
  • And on my viewing agenda: “How to Be Authentic on Social Media,” featuring Jennifer Weiner and hosted by Emily Gould.
  • Have a great weekend, everyone!

    2 thoughts on “Friday Finds for Writers

    1. Cherri Gann says:

      Beautiful treat! Thanks much, Erika, for pointing us to Christi Craig’s piece! Love the Friday Finds.

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        So glad! Thanks for saying so, Cherri!

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