Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

How I Participated in a Poetry Reading from the Comfort of My Own Home

Late Sunday afternoon, I returned from a lovely day’s event in southern New Jersey and noticed the following Tweet:

I’d started following Poetry Super Highway on Twitter during this National Poetry Month. Their daily prompts are among those I’ve been seeing (thanks to C.A. LaRue). And, as mentioned last week, I’d submitted a poem for inclusion in Poetry Super Highway’s annual Holocaust Remembrance Issue.

I didn’t plan to call in to the reading. But I RTd the announcement. And then I was encouraged to call in.

So I did.

You can hear the entire show over here. (If you’re in a hurry to hear me, speed ahead to the 43:55 mark.)

I’m not sure I’ll be reading there again anytime soon, but I’ll definitely be listening. And I encourage you to do the same.

Spring Has Sprung!

Believe it, people! It’s spring here in New York. Which means that I am spending less time at the gym and more time running in Central Park.

Snapped on a walk across Central Park within the last week.
Snapped on a walk across Central Park within the last week.

My return to a park-based exercise regime evokes fond memories of an essay that The New York Times published in its “Complaint Box” a few years ago. Note how many of the commenters clearly wanted to be my friend! 😉

A Gray Day with Patience & Fortitude

Notwithstanding the above, we’re still subject to gray, damp days here in the Big Apple.


Last Friday, I journeyed to the main Mid-Manhattan New York Public Library to consult some sources that don’t circulate. (I’m working on a book review and wanted to check a few things that could help round out the piece.) Despite the gloomy weather, I was cheered to see Patience and Fortitude, the guardian lions, welcoming me.

As of now, I’m still working on that review. The good news is that yes, I have completed a draft! (Remember: “Done Is Better than Perfect.”) Still, I’m hoping that perfection, or something close to it, may result when the full job is done. Which is going to be before the next midweek update!

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  1. Mike Hooker says:

    Hi, Erika,

    I listened to your reading. Great poem, of course. But it was really nice to put a voice to your picture. Thanks.


    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Aw, thanks, Mike!

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