Friday Finds for Writers

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Keeping to routine: the weekly batch of writing-related resources, news, and reflections. (Heavy on the interviews this week, I’ve just realized.)

  • We begin with a non-interview, new contribution to the ever-growing discussion on reading/submission fees, this time from J.D. Stanley (thanks to The Review Review for the lead).
  • Interview #1: Meet Betsy Gleick, the new editorial director of Algonquin Books, via this Foreword Reviews Q&A.
  • Interview #2: “Sharon Oard Warner On Reading, Writing, Getting Published And UNM Summer Writers’ Conference.” (I met Sharon when I took a workshop she taught at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival a number of years ago, and then I attended the UNM Summer Writers’ Conference back in its early days as the Taos Summer Writers’ Conference.)
  • And the next interview: Leigh Stein “comes out of the Binders to talk books, business, and how an interesting life is worth the debt.” (Conducted by Ester Bloom for The Billfold.)
  • Last, but definitely not least: a new Q&A with Kelly Luce, with an emphasis on her time as a writer-in-residence at the Kerouac Project. (Remember, Kelly is also a past Practicing Writer interviewee.)
  • Have a good, safe weekend, everyone.

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    1. Cathy Bryant says:

      Thank you! Some great pieces here. I spend far too much time on your website!

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        Well, I spent plenty of time on yours, too! 😉

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