Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

A Title Is Chosen

Many thanks to the three of you who chimed in here.

I was inclined to agree with you: “The Nameless” was the first draft’s title, but I was already moving toward “The Unnamed” when I posted the poll. Glad that you agreed!

Now, to get the poem submitted, placed, and published!

A Decision Is Made

I’m about 99 percent sure that I’m not going to move ahead with any (well, either) of the AWP session proposals I was mulling over. I just don’t seem to have the energy required this year. Maybe I’m also a little disillusioned with AWP panels in general. I don’t know. (But if you’re looking for a panelist to join your proposal, by all means, hit me up!)

With the mental space and actual time I’m thus freeing up, I hope to spend a chunk of this weekend working on a residency application and continuing an exchange with another writer about a collaboration we have in mind.


At the helm of the Fig Tree Books Twitter account, I live-tweeted this event on Monday night. (Anyone able to point me to a Storify tutorial? Haven’t yet attempted to learn that particular platform. And I guess I should.)