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As you’ll recall, my year of blogging for Poetry Has Value reached its end a number of months ago. But that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to share my poetry submission stats with you. So here’s the report for the month of November.

Also, if you’re new to these posts, it may be helpful for you to know that I work very hard to submit my work mainly to paying venues that don’t charge fees for journal/website publication. If you’re similarly looking for paying calls and contests that don’t charge submission fees, you’re always welcome to check my monthly newsletter (and with my weekly “Monday Markets” posts on this blog).

On with the report:

Venues to Which I Submitted Poetry and Total Poems Submitted: (3+) Jewcy (3 poems), Ninth Letter (3 poems for “Community” theme), Pittsburgh Poetry Review (3), PLUS one copy of a full-length poetry collection (54 poems) to Four Way Books.

Rejections Received: (4) Ninth Letter, Room, Shenandoah, Tablet

Acceptances: (1) Jewcy (2 poems)

Publications: (1 [or 2, depending on how you see it]) “Birthright” and “Sabbath Rest 2.0” on Jewcy.

Money Spent: $0

Money Earned: $40 (payment for those Jewcy poems)

November TOTAL: $40

Total Money Spent in 2017: $0

Total Money Earned in 2017: $450

2017 TOTAL: $450

Total Submissions in 2017: 79 “packets” plus one full-length collection

Total Rejections in 2017: 64 

Big Surprise for Me

Also in poetry news: A big surprise came my way a few days ago—a Pushcart nomination from the kind team at Whale Road Review for my poem “The End of the Lines.”

This is my third Pushcart nomination, but my first for poetry (and my first in several years). And I’m excited about it.

What I’m Reading

I have finally begun reading a book I’ve had on my shelf for a few months now: Alexandra W. Logue’s Pathways to Reform: Credits and Conflict at The City University of New York. This book is “about” a project that I was involved with while I was working in a writing-intensive “day job” at CUNY (and yes, you’ll find my name in the index, although in my own reading I’m still a few pages shy of reaching the first mention).

In any case, I mentioned the book on Twitter yesterday because there are still a few days to “vote” for it (by liking or RTing the correct tweet). And I explained why, much as I tend to resist participating in or sharing this sort of “contest,” I made an exception here. You’ll see why. And maybe you’ll want to help Pathways to Reform with a “like” or “RT” as well. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

  1. Congrats on the publications and the Pushcart nomination.That’s awesome!

    1. Carla Sameth says:

      Congratulations and great news on the Pushcart, also on the publications.

      Thanks for writing this blog, it’s inspiring this morning!

  2. Mazel tov on the Pushcart Nomination! Your brave sharing of rejections and acceptances continues to inspire.

  3. Erika Dreifus says:

    So nice of you all! Thank you!

  4. Jacquie Herz says:

    Congratulations on the Pushcart nomination. And yes, I agree with Evelyn, your sharing of your acceptances and rejections is very brave indeed!

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Thank you!

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