Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

A Meaningful Mention

Got my hands on a copy of this book—Jessica Lang’s Textual Silence: Unreadability and the Holocaust—a few days ago. So meaningful to find Quiet Americans (and some of my other writing) referenced within.


From the Department of Freelance-Writing-About-Writing: The Malahat Review has a nifty “Publishing Tips” feature, the most recent installment of which went live last week. It’s my own mini-essay, in which I delineate four features of fine newsletters/resource lists for writers.

Check it out. (And if you think you might have a Publishing Tip of your own to offer, you’ll find the guidelines online, too.)

Latest Jewish Chronicle Column

And also posted last week: my latest “A View from the U.S.A.” column for the U.K.’s Jewish Chronicle. This month, I chose to look ahead and tell share British readers what’s on the horizon for American-published Jewish literature in 2018.