Words of the Week

“We condemn unequivocally President Abbas’ recent statements rejecting the Jewish people’s connections with Israel, denying the legitimacy of a Jewish State of Israel, and promulgating conspiracy theories about the creation of the State of Israel. We condemn as well the Palestinian Central Committee’s affirmation of his views and its call to break relations with Israel. Such statements and actions undercut possibilities for a peace process that alone holds the path to a viable and independent Palestinian state. While the on-the-ground ramifications of these statements are still unclear, there is no doubt that these statements risk a new and very dangerous escalation of tensions between Israel and the Palestinians.

We continue to believe that the only future for a Jewish democratic State of Israel is to end its rule over millions of Palestinians. We urge responsible forces in the Palestinian community, Israel, the U.S. and international community, who remain committed to a two-state solution, to do everything feasible to restart movement in that direction.”

Source: Statement from URJ President Rick Jacobs.