Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Three quick things:

1. Busy Clients, Busy Publicist

I won’t list everything that’s been going on. But here are just a couple of items.

First: this new and enthusiastic review of the book Jewish Storyteller Press is publishing on February 12. NB: The review does contain some spoilers, so if you want to limit yourself (for the moment) to the opening lines, here they are: “First published in 1877, Jacob Dinezon’s Yiddish novel The Dark Young Man, with its blend of romance and realism, launched him as a major voice in the Jewish literary world. Tina Lunson’s excellent English translation [the first ever] vividly captures mid-nineteenth century Jewish life in Eastern Europe, revealing not only its particular culture but also its parallels to today’s Jewish experience.”

Meantime, poet John Sibley Williams continues to share insights gleaned from his writing life ahead of the April release of As One Fire Consumes Another, his next poetry collection. Most recently, for The Good Men Project, John, a parent of twin toddlers, has offered some suggestions on finding time to write.

A quick note: I’ve recently taken on the final full campaign that I’ll be able to manage in 2019 (more about that soon!). Although I’m still available for publicity-related consultations, I’ve updated my contact page with this information to help save time for anyone seeking more extensive services.

2. February Practicing Writer Newsletter

It’s coming! Tomorrow (assuming that I’m able to finish battling some Yahoo! changes). So if you’re not already a subscriber with your own copy in your inbox, be sure to take a final look at the January issue for opportunities that remain open for submissions.

3. Quiet Americans: Eight Years On

While I continue to seek for a publisher for my poetry collection, it’s been lovely to be reminded that my previous book, a story collection that was published eight years ago this month, is still finding readers. This past week brought two such reminders—one offline, the other below—which were particularly meaningful since they coincided with the weekend of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.