Words of the Week

This will take a bit of patience—but I promise, it’s worth the effort!

Announcement of a talk given by Elizabeth Edelglass on the topic of Writing Jewish American Fiction in 2019.

Yes, I know. This event has already happened.

But there’s a recording!

  • Follow this link.
  • Click on “Chapel.”
  • Click on “Previous Recordings.”
  • Scroll to “Speaker Liz Edelglass 3/23/19”
  • And fast forward about 20-21 minutes (they didn’t start quite on time!)
  • NB: The story from which Liz reads at the beginning of her talk, “Neighboring Parts of This Planet,” was published in New Haven Review‘s Issue 22, which should, at some point, be available online (but as of this morning, it doesn’t appear to be).

    ALSO: Hurry and watch this recording while you can, as I’m told that it will be taken offline in a few weeks.

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      Thank you, Erika, for posting this. It was really very interesting.

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