Words of the Week

“But, OK. I’ll say it: ‘As a Jew, I am pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian.

What does that mean? It means understanding the nuances of the conflict, of retaining historical memory of lost chances for peace. It means recognizing the pain of the other, and acknowledging that there are voices lost.

Rep. Tlaib could be building bridges between the Muslim and Jewish communities of Metro Detroit, and she’s failing. I urge her to reconsider her approach.”

Source: Howard Lovy, “Tokenism Is Racism—Except for Jews” (Forward)

2 thoughts on “Words of the Week

  1. Israelis and Palestinians understanding each other? It is a only dream! First Gaza should stop striking at Israel.

    1. Jan Lee says:

      Actually, there has been a sporadic growth of organizations and community initiatives in both Israel and North America expressing commonality and a desire for peace between Jews and Muslims (both in Israel and between Israelis and Palestinians). That leaves the question of whether the problems are actually being driven by governments, not cultural differences.

      I suspect Tlaib’s and Omar’s actions haven’t helped the Palestinians any more than they have the Israelis.

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